COUNTY(S):   Greenup

SIZE:     181 (actually 174.54) acres

OWNER:    state in Greenbo Lake State Park

TYPE:    medium sized state recreation lake

DRAINAGE:      Clay Lick Creek to the Little Sandy River

DESCRIPTION:    Greenbo Lake is a medium-sized State Park Lake located 17 miles west of Ashland and south of Greenup in central Greenup County.  It is 181 acres, actually 174.54 acres in size and has 7 1/2 miles of shoreline around it and is a fairly deep lake with exceptionally clear water and has maximum depth of 55 feet and an average depth of 26 feet.  It is all open to the public and located within the Greenbo Lake State Park and has almost all tree-lined banks around except for some service areas that are shown on the maps and pictures.  It is formed by damming up Clay Lick Creek and a few other smaller feeder streams and drains into the Little Sandy River.  It is recognized as having very good water quality with cold water habitats and is suitable for being a 2-stage fishery with both trout and warm water game fish present in it, and normally all of the different species have good populations of fish.  The lake was built in 1955 and opened to fishing in 1958 and it has a main basin with two large arms on it to the north and south of the main basin and the dam is on the northeast part of the lake which goes toward the west and southwest and northwest from the dam.  Being a state park lake it has good services around and there is a marina, restaurant and lodge, picnic in parking areas and the boat ramp with a courtesy docks and there are too fishing docks, one of them being handicapped accessible. There is also good camping available at this lake.  The phone number for the marina is (606) 473-7324.   Fishing at the lake is considered to be very good but due to the exceptional water clarity sometimes fishing is difficult and long accurate casts are often required here to catch fish because they can get spooky.  It is considered to be a trophy bass lake and there are very good numbers of largemouth bass in excess of 15 inches present in this lake.  It is also an excellent fishery for larger rainbow trout.  The access to the lake is easy and services are scattered around the west and south part of the lake and easy to get to.  It is a very pretty lake area surrounded by trees and set and the rolling hills of eastern Kentucky and certainly worth consideration for fishing.




SPECIES                    POPULATIONS                    SIZES

L M Bass                     good to very good                  average to large

S M Bass                     fair to good                             average

Trout                           good to very good                  average to large

Panfish                        fair                                           average to large

Catfish                        fair to good                             average

Crappie                        fair                                           below average

Rough fish                  fair                                           average


SPECIAL FISHING INFORMATION: Largemouth bass are here to in good to very good numbers in this is considered to be a trophy lake for largemouth bass.  There is a very good population of 15 inch plus bass here at the lake with sizes that reach 20 to 24 inches and several pounds in weight.  Fishing is somewhat difficult due to the clarity of the water and shoreline brush and cover are the best places to try for these larger bass.  Structure in the lake is fairly good as you can see by the map below and structure fishing is also fairly good here. The former state record largemouth bass came from this lake.   Smallmouth bass are present in the lake in decent numbers and sizes the will run anywhere from 1/2 up to about 4 or 4 1/2 pounds.  Smallmouth bass prefer rocky ledges and drops offs.  Rainbow trout are stocked in the lake and about 15,00--9  inch fish are stocked each year during the months of January and October.  This lake is rated as good for trout fishing and rainbow trout now average around 13 inches with numerous 1 to 1/2 pound fish present here in larger carry-over fish up to 3 or 4 pounds possible.  Trolling deep water areas where the water temperature remain a constant 60 degrees is the best method for taking limits of rainbow trout from this lake.  Panfish at the lake include bluegills and readear sunfish.  There is a special creel limit on panfish as detailed below.  Bluegills run from 3 up to 10 inches with the majority of the fish being 7 inches or under and the readear sunfish run from 8 to 13 inches here for the larger fish.  Populations are fair on both the bluegill and the sunfish.  Channel catfish are stocked in the lake and it will average from 1 to 3 pounds with top weight on them from 12 to 15 pounds.  There is a fairly good population of 3 to 5 pound catfish found here.  There are a few black crappie in the lake that run from 6 up to about 12 inches and are normally taken along the shoreline brush in the spring when they move into the trees to spawn.  Carp and other rough fish are also fairly numerous here and some of the car found in the lake are large.  Fishing the upper ends of the arms and coves for best results.


SPECIAL FISHING REGULATIONS:   Normal state wide restrictions like size or creel limits apply here.  There are some special fishing restrictions for the lake with a creel limit of 15 panfish per day (in combination) and no limb lines or jug lines are permitted and possession or use of shad as bait is prohibited.

BOATS:  Any size boat or motor is allowed here subject to the size of the boat ramp and idle speeds are required in many areas.

CAMPING:  There is a good full service camping area at the park near the lake.


greenbo sp map


greenbo lake structure map


greenbo lake


















Greenbo Lake Boat Ramp



greenbo br dock road



Greenbo Lake Fishing Pier (handicapped accessible)






















greenbo ha fishing pier


Greenbo Lake Lodge Fishing Pier


greenbo lodge fishing pier


Greenbo Lake Dam


greenbo lake dam



LOCATION:  The lake is located 17 miles west of Ashland off of State Route 1 and south of Greenup on Clay Lick Creek Road and Kentucky 1711.